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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  August 13, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the . tragedy at a concert minutes before the headliner comes out to perform. the stage wall collapses on top of fans. what brought it down and the frantic effort to rescue fans that were trapped. the twitter message that got him in some trouble. >> the last thing he told the officer, can you tell my mom i love her? >> heartbreak for two more families in oakland as gunfire cracks through the night air. the call of a community to stop the violence that continues to rise. and 115 bands, hundreds and thousands of people all converging on san francisco. we'll take you to outside lands in golden gate park. good evening. we begin tonight with breaking news on the statewide amber
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alert. the vehicle driven by a man suspected of kidnapping his daughter has been found in eldorado county. that is east of sacramento. the fbi is treating the forerunner and the area around it as a crime scene right now and that is all agents are saying at this hour. no word yet about the two-year- old girl or her father. that amber alert was issued yesterday for madeleine. her father never returned the girl to her mother after a visit last weekend. they were last seen here in a sacramento grocery store on saturday. that surveillance video, that is the day that he found out he was losing joint custody of his daughter. since then he has not used his cell phone or credit cards. >> at least four people are confirmed dead after a stage collapsed tonight during a storm at the indiana state fair. watch here as the drama unfolds. you can see people after the stage collapsed, they begin to panic and the wind comes up.
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part of the stage as you see there comes crashing down on fans. at least two dozen people were injured. many of them trapped under that stage wall you see there. the opening act had just finished and the crowd was waiting for country duo, sugarland to take the stage and that is when the strong winds kicked up. >> i mean, i was up in the stands and all of a sudden just the wind blew and the whole stand went tumbling down, just like you would see a domino effect. >> i saw people coming to the scene trying to lift the upright, the tresses that hold the entire canopy and all the structure. they ran over and there was dozens that were trying to lift the tresses up off the people that were under them. >> it was a disaster area. it was horrible. >> details on the condition of the injured were not immediately available. a statement on the sugarland
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website said we were all right after our stage collapsed. many of our friends in indianapolis may not be. please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. a wild fire is burning right now in napa county. more than 400 acres have been charged. cal fire says it is going to continue to burn through the night and into the morning. that fire first reported at 2:45 this afternoon near the end of knoxville road and pope valley road. because of the remote location, the fire has not threatened any homes, luckily, but the location is making it difficult for firefighters to put it out. they are using helicopters and bulldozers and calling in more assistance overnight. after this week's murder of a three-year-old boy, people in oakland were hoping the tragedy would somehow unite the community, but two more men are added to the list of homicides this year, which is still growing. the grieving families are making a plea to stop the violence. >> what can we do? we can't bring them back to
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life. >> last night this oakland family lost a loved one for ever. 20-year-old jesus shot to death in east oakland. he died in his car where his family gathers today. >> he always protected me from my other brothers. >> the last thing he told the officer, can you tell my mom i love her and my dad and family i love them and that was the last word. >> he was one of two murders in oakland overnight. the other, a man found in the fruitvale district, bringing the number of murders in oakland this year to 75. at this time last year, there were 52. also in east oakland, a car wash today to benefit the family of three-year-old carlos who was caught in the cross fire of a shooting on monday. down the street from the car wash, a memorial for little carlos at the scene where he was killed has grown to span almost half a block. it's a showing of how heartbroken the community is. >> i feel for these people.
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>> neighbors who don't know the family came to show support. >> we want people to turn back around and say you know what? i want to make a positive -- i know the kid. they may not have known the family, but it doesn't matter. this is your community. >> there's hope that some good could come from the toddler's death. a call to stop the violence. >> it has to start somewhere. >> but days after little carlos was lost, peace seemed far away. >> i felt bad. that's my real brother. it was my close brother. >> i'm sorry. >> in addition to last night's two murders, four other people were also shot and injured, but they are expected to survive. new information tonight about a man shot by police in oakland last night. officers tried to arrest the man for urinating in public on fruitvale avenue and police say he became violent and attacked officers with some sort of long metal object. that's when an officer opened fire.
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the man is expected to live. one officer was injured during the confrontation as well. she is also going to be okay. >> despite recent violence, people in oakland helped spruce up that city today. an event called throwdown for the town, including 25 different projects with over 300 volunteers lending hands. they did everything from cleaning up parks to painting murals and even building a dog park. volunteers say their work is an effort to take back the negative perceptions which oakland is often associated. >> firefighters responding to a structure fire in hayward discovered something much more gruesome. found near a motel 6. a clerk at the motel tells kcbs radio, it was not connected to the hotel. investigators are looking into how that woman died. >> other bay area headlines,
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san rafael police searching for a suspect in a home invasion robbery. four men, including one with a gun barged into a home on seaway at 5:30 last night. they took off in a car and were later spotted by police. then all four of them ran from the vehicle, but only three were found. the robbery victim was not hurt. mounting criticism tonight about bart turning off cell phone antennas in stations to prevent a protest. a bart board member says she is shocked that officials decided to do it and the mayor is blasting bart over the decision as well. bart does admit to turning off the power to antenna that stationed in downtown san francisco on thursday evening after bart learned protesters planned to use mobile devices to coordinate a demonstration. civil rights and legal experts are questioning the move as well. that protest was over the recent fatal shooting of a homeless man at the civic center station. a grammy award winning rapper claims it was an accident.
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law enforcement officials say it was a danger to public safety. suzanne explains how a single tweet caused so much trouble this weekend down in los angeles county. >> the game, accused of a twitter prank that could result in misdemeanor charges against the rapper. after a tweet from his account around 5:20 friday night. one of them, the phone number to the compton sheriff's station. >> they thought initially that this was a phone malfunction. >> it was wall to wall calls for 2 1/2 hours. after hundreds of hangups and questions about the internship, captain mike parker tweeted the rapper. the gang who was born and raised in compton said the tweet was an accident and said you can all track a tweet down, but can't solve murders. >> i found it very interesting. we aren't the ones that created
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a crisis. we are the ones trying to serve the public. we reduce homicides by over 50% in the last few years. >> these are some of the calls that did make it through. >> they involved two robberies, a missing person, spousal assault, and an auto theft. >> the sheriff's department believes there's a number of emergency calls that didn't make it through. they are trying to find those people who may have been adversely affected. reporting in compton, i'm susan, cbs 5. wrapped up about an hour ago and as in past years, it's been a huge success with fans and at the box office. don knapp was in the middle of it earlier tonight and now he's trying to make his way out through the crowds. don, how is it going out there? >> outside proving once again that if you build it, or build six music stages, they will come. just like they always have and weather, cold weather, fog, no
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deterrant. outside the music festival, this big, loud, and very popular. 115 bands, six stages, and an expected crowd of 180,000 people give or take. music lovers were tired, but hadn't had their fill of music. >> i loved it. it wasn't cold at all. we were standing most of the day. the sun was up. it was great. >> coming back? >> yeah, i was here last night, here today, we'll be back tomorrow. >> it is in its fourth year and neighbors concerns about noise or amplified music has been calmed. top notch music for the masses. the bottom line is money for san francisco. many that come are out of towners. >> so if you're not enjoying this, you can think of the good part. the money, about $4 million and the folks that come to enjoy outside lands. >> live in san francisco.
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thanks. an american kidnapped in the middle east. how the kidnappers managed to get past the body guard. vowing to make president obama a one-term president. and another entry in the already crowded republican field. who will throw his hat into the ring and what he will say about president obama's store policy. >> and we enjoyed a gorgeous day out there. clear skies, clouds not an issue this afternoon and starting to see clouds roll in this evening and temperatures are going to warm up eventually. i'll tell you when you can expect that warmup coming up.
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citizen was kidnapped at an intense search going on in pakistan after an american citizen was kidnapped at gunpoint early this morning. warren weinstein was taken by force from his home in lahore after a half a dozen men overpowered his security guards. weinstein has been working as a consultant on a project in the area. pakistani officials say no groups have claimed responsibility yet for that abduction. congresswoman michele bachmann says it is the first step toward taking back the white house. she took home a victory today in the iowa straw poll. the first indicator in the race for president. nearly 17,000 people voted in the snapshot of the republican field. danielle nottingham has more from ames, iowa. >> the winner of the 2011 iowa
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straw poll is congresswoman michele bachmann. >> tea party favorite, michele bachmann took home a victory at the iowa straw poll. she edged out ron paul by 1%. the surprise came at the bottom. write in candidate, rick perry who just said he was running pulled higher than mitt romney. the former massachusetts governor chose not to actively campaign at saturday's event, but his name was on the ballot. congresswoman bachmann rallied supporters saying she is ready to unseat president barack obama. >> iowa will be the pace car, if you will, to set the tone and set the pace for bringing this country back to its greatness that it was intended for and that it was meant for. >> the straw poll is the unofficial kickoff for the candidates election process and is a big fundraiser for the iowa gop. thousands get up close with the candidates, listen to music,
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and pay $30 to cast their ballot. the campaigns often foot the bill. >> we are going to pay our own way. >> for patrick's family, they know their candidate is ron paul. >> i think it's great that people care enough to come out and have fun and be involved with the political process rather than just sit at home and complain. >> only one task the straw poll predicted the next president, but it brings the winner more national attention and more campaign cash. danielle nottingham, cbs news, ames, iowa. while the attention of the republican party was squarely focused on iowa today, the gop felt the presidential hopefuls did get bigger. set his sights on the white house officially. drew reports on the latest candidate to declare. >> texas governor, rick perry, picked an important day and state. >> yes, sir. >> to tell the country he is
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the person that can defeat president barack obama. >> perry attacked president obama's economic policy and caught his leadership. >> page one of any economic plan, to get america working is to give a pink slip to the current residents in the white house. >> kerry's announcement -- making it in south carolina was also calculated. the state is expected to hold the first southern primary. the contest that picked the gop nominees since the 1980s. the social conservative with a pro business record is not just counting on votes behind the mason dixon line. home of the nation's first primary. >> i feel right at home among people whose motto is live free or die. glefn though he just entered
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the host, a few percentage points behind former massachusetts governor, mitt romney. perry touts his job significant job growth while keeping taxes low. texas benefits from booming oil prices and increased military spending for two wars. >> i don't think very many people would attribute it to the leadership of the governor down there. >> though perry was not part of the poll, he got iowa on his mind. he'll be there campaigning sunday. cbs news, new york. that's going to be an interesting race. now with our weather forecast, cristie has the weekend down. have to go. how is it looking? >> today was a beautiful day. didn't have to contend with too many clouds and cleared our inland locations. not a real issue.
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they will roll in the overnight hours. similar to what we saw today, get a drop down into the 50s all throughout the bay area. starting out clear, but becoming partly cloudy. mostly cloudy there. fog an issue at the coastline as it was yesterday. for tomorrow, we're going to make it to the mid 8 0áz. fog economy fog starting out cowed cloudy. temperatures making it the low 70s. coastline, a little cooler. only making it into the 60s tomorrow and some clearing. a picture along the coastline tomorrow. here's a live look outside on satellite. clouds aren't an issue right now. we will see them pushing from the coastline into the inland locations. that will result in patchy fog. but not many big changes in store, at least for tomorrow. we won't see the building and see warm temperatures for a
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while. temperatures throughout the rest of northern california look like this. 89 is a high in san francisco. cooler in monterey at 65. here are your highs here tomorrow. 78. palo alton, 78. antioch making it to 83. one of our warmer spots tomorrow. a high of 81. making it to 69. same story for the city. going to make it to 66 tomorrow as well. 79 for san rafael a. degree cooler in napa and 74 as a high. monday you can see not a whole lot of change. tuesday, we start to see year bumping up a few degrees in our spots. we'll cool down for the end of the workweek. bumping up a few degrees again for next saturday. not a whole lot of change in store this week, but if you're
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looking for warm weather, hang until thursday. >> decent weather tomorrow, we'll take it, thanks. >> it's not just the economy, but thieves keeping some area homeowners in the park. we'll be right back.
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about earlier: the vehicle, by "a man suspected an update on a breaking news story we told you about earlier in this broadcast. that vehicle driven by a man suspected of kidnapping his daughter has been found in eldorado county. that is just east of sacramento and we're being told that the vehicle did contain bodies. authorities are treating that area around the green toyota four runner as a crime scene right now and not saying if the bodies are those of two-year- old madeleine and her father. that amber alert was issued yesterday when he did not return the girl to her mother after a visit last weekend.
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we'll keep you posted as this story unfolds. copper thieves struck san leandro leaving a long stretch of city blocks in the dark. the thefts leave about 1/3 of a mile without street lights and neighbors say it makes them nervous to be in the area after dark. >> you can't see the establishments. you can't see people crossing in the night. you can't -- it's hard. hard thing. and it makes it more of a crime scene. >> the thieves probably got a thousand dollars for the wire, but rewiring these antique lights is going to cast about $16,000. a charlie's angel icon is being immortalized again in plastic. check it out. the new bar barbie doll with
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red bathing suit. after long battle with cancer. part of the proceeds from the barbie will go toward cancer research. >> all right, three rounds down in the pga championship and no familiar names on top. and the giants took on the fish and had their big fish on the mound. and lincecum reeled them in. got him.
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with a bruised the giants were called brandon bell after replacing torres on the disabled list with a bruised shin. bill, start the clock. talk about the giants first. top of the 1st, it's his first homer as a giant.
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it was a solo shot so make it 21 solo homers as they add to their record. one record with 20 for time. he strikes out ten. a's and rangers, a no hitter in the 6th, but they scored in the final innings and beet oakland. the third rant, 15 and 16 to get the 7 under and move to a tie for the lead with ben don berndon shield. >> when you talk about guys like feel and multiple times, imsure they have an advantage, but i'm just going to try to hit every shot as well as i can and whatever they are up to. then i'll be happy. >> good for those guys. one of those no-name guys is
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going to win this thing. that is cool. >> thanks for that. we are going to be back on cbs 5 at 11:00 with that breaking news story. that amber alert. new details. ,,,, turn left.
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